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Sat. 8/10 – WONDERLAND RANGERS – Hendershot’s Barcafé

Sat. 9/21 – WONDERLAND RANGERS – 40 Watt Club – with White Rabbit Collective 



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Timi performs extensively in clubs and venues, for private functions, parties, weddings and fraternities, and he records music for advertising, film, and tv.  Explore the links below to learn more about the relentlessly creative musical chameleon.

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The Wild Rumpus

Master of Ceremonies

Since 2009, Timi has organized Athens GA’s epic annual Halloween blowout, The Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle. Tens of thousands of people have participated and thousands of dollars has been raised for charities.

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Visual Artist

Painter / Graphic Designer

Timi graduated Cum Laude from University of Massachusetts with a Fine Arts Degree in Oil Painting in 1990 and continues to produce and sell visual art and graphic designs as wildly varied as his music.

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Timi Conley is known as “One of the world’s most fluid guitarists” (Flagpole Magazine), frontman of a wildly diverse range of musical projects, and creator and Master of Ceremonies of Athens’ annual Halloween event, Wild Rumpus Parade & Spectacle, which draws thousands to Athens, GA every year in October.

Conley’s musical influences range from Hendrix to hillbilly, Beck to bebop, Funkadelic to Flaming Lips… With a background in visual art, his style and compositions are creative, colorful, often surprising and always fun and thought-provoking. Timi commands attention from the second he hits the stage with his unique voice, world class guitar tone and playing, and natural charismatic persona (not to mention the infamous red fedora).

Timi has toured at a national level… heavily throughout the Southeast, East Coast from Atlanta to Boston and New York, the Midwest through Nashville and Louisville, every ski town in Colorado, and the West Coast including Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, making friends and winning fans at every performance. He has released six albums, including critics favorite, solo album “Nerd Sexy” and Kite to the Moon’s debut “POUNCE”, with a seventh, Timi and Kite to the Moon’s “Songs in the Key of OMG” set for a Fall 2015 Release and Tour.

“(Timi and) Kite to the Moon deserve recognition, as he plays with spunk and good humor and is not afraid to turn a simple set into a rock-show production.” -Athens Banner Herald

“Kite to the Moon has been one of my personal favorite local acts for many years and they did not disappoint as they closed out the Hull Street stage this year at Athfest. Fronted by local icon Timi Conley, Kite to the Moon took the stage this year in coordinated all-pink outfits and were accompanied by the Tiger Girlz, a felonious cadre of women, it was difficult to determine who to watch. On stage the guitar-bass-drums trio played a set of danceable punk/funk/rock with prominent bass, heavy drums and wailing guitar. Lyrically, K2M is like a hyper-sexualized fantasy land of space travel and fetishism that, when combined with the music, creates a unique, creative, funky but never abrasive sonorous experience. Off stage, the Tiger Girlz were constantly on the move, changing between chrome spandex, spaceman outfits, gorilla costumes, and full body tiger. Between all the costume changes the girls danced on a portable pole, enacted elaborate scenes, infiltrated the crowd, hula-hooped, and manned a stuffed animal slingshot which they fired into the audience. Separate the two shows are awesome, but together they are decadence incarnate.” – Daniel DeSimone, WUOG 90.5FM

“…a nerd-sexy power-punk glam group that is reminiscent of artists like Ween, Weezer and Beck.” -BLVD Magazine

“I’ve finally gotten over having to clean up that mess of shredded stuffed animals KttM left onstage at Athfest 2008. Spearheaded by the lovingly strange local figure Timi Conley, Kite to the Moon is less of a band and more like a story straight out of a comic book. Kite is upbeat and poppy, with all the quirkiness that you can expect from a guy whose album is called “Nerd Sexy.” Time to let your nerd flag fly. In fact, why make it a flag? Tie it around your neck like a cape and enjoy the ride.” -Athens Music Junkie

“Inventive, psychedelic pop. Kite to the Moon use rock-n-roll as a tool for outrageous fun and it works!” -OMFG Atlanta

“A deep mind of musical ideas”, “Conley’s solo projects are a breath of fresh air.” – BLUR Magazine

“‘Something for My Baby’ might be the greatest rock n roll song ever! Kite to the Moon is antic filled, visually appealing, power-punk-pop-psychedelic, good times.” -Wilmot Greene, former owner, Georgia Theatre

“… Conley’s variegated vocalizations and mastery over his armory of instruments, electronic and otherwise, give this album an intelligent, hip hip hooray for high fives vibe.” – Athens Secret Admirer

“He’s his own brand of cool. The name of the record says it all: Nerd Sexy” –

“Timi Conley bends it like Beck in a genre-blending exercise in which the longtime Athens musician comes across like the Prince of Clarke County, writing, recording, mastering and playing nearly every instrument on every track. Throughout the fifteen tracks on Nerd Sexy, Conley picks his way through acoustic blues, electro pop, hip-hop beats and new wave bleeps like he’s strolling down a buffet line. Nerd Sexy, Timi’s first solo record, is a fun listen, messy and entertaining, strewn all over a musical map that encompasses everything from The Flaming Lips to Jim White.” -Curtis Lynch, Playgrounds Magazine

“Timi Conley’s new album, “Nerd Sexy,” provides a variation of music styles blended into a new hybrid of pop music…. for those who enjoy all music styles, “Nerd Sexy” will not disappoint. Conley acts as an iPod Shuffle within the 15 songs, never failing to surprise the listener from track to track.” – The Red & Black

Timi Conley channels pure “OhMyGod” in the roller-coaster romp entitled Songs in the Key of OMG… Embedded in catchy, unpretentious retro / pop / rock packages, Conley’s unique voice and lyrics span the width of human experience and make for a seasoned body of work overflowing with fascination, passion and emotion. Conley confidently crafts songs that are both timely and timeless, fun yet deep… intertwining light and dark moods, the profound and the absurd… contrasting one moment from the next, and from song to song. Timi peppers the entire album with guitar play exhibiting an uncommon range of tones. He reveals a versatility, texture and sonic agility which is in a class by itself. Backed by the rock solid rhythm section of Rodgers and Hanmer, the songs are supported with bass guitar that is thick, punchy and melodic and drums that are dynamic, responsive, and artfully bombastic in the best classic rock traditions.

“An adventure to spectacular destinations where Kite to the Moon offers the profound and the whimsical with equal grace and clarity.” -Kevin O’Neill

“Timi Conley is a tricky one…. Beneath that jovial layer there’s an insight to something…. Conveyed with an interesting and varied sensibility. Dude plays some ROCK MUSIC!” -Sam Fogarino

“In a world where modern music is typically a mash-up of derivative styles, Timi Conley is timeless originality. Every song on ‘Songs in the Key of OMG’ presents Timi’s personality in such a way that you feel as though you have been lifelong friends. His guitar tone is pure and intelligent.” -Scott Baxendale

“Timi Conley is tapped into a power that can only be described as out of this world. The raw power of rock, universal love, and his role as a caretaker of the human race all collide like a meteor hitting the Earth on this outstanding, timeless Rock and Roll record.” -Jason Thrasher, 2014

Timi has shared stages with of Montreal, G. Love and Special Sauce, Pat Benetar, Neutral Milk Hotel, Beats Antique, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Tom Tom Club, Perpetual Groove, 311, Black Uhuru, Lera Lynn, John Bell of Widespread Panic, Col. Bruce Hampton, and countless more.

Timi has also performed with Mike Mills of REM, Sam Fogarino of Interpol, and members of Big Gigantic, STS9, Secret Machines, Jesus Lizard/ Tomahawk, Maserati, Cinemechanica, School of Seven Bells, Powerkompany, Marc Ford Band, Macha, and many, many more.

Timi’s bands have been awarded Flagpole’s “Best Funk / Rock Band” in three separate years and his Kite to the Moon “Tigerz” video won Sprockets Audience Choice Award. He’s played Electric Forest, re:generation festival, Abbey Road on the River, NYE shows at Variety Playhouse, Atlanta’s Peach Drop, and Georgia Theatre (multiples, including 1999/2000), and he’s produced and promoted Halloween blowout extravaganzas every year since 1992, culminating in Wild Rumpus 2014 with crowd and participation estimates of 5000.


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